Welcome to SaberCraft Online

Welcome to the SaberCraft Online. From here you can learn how to use an LED saber and practice weapon choreography. Here you will find steps that will help you join the team starting with where to find our members and connect online. Once you've introduced yourself, get started with our video lessons below. Everything you will need for your journey you'll be able to find right here. You can't begin a journey without a map so let's start at the beginning.

SaberCraft is about dancing with light. We imagine ourselves as light and using the saber as an instrument and battle with others in an intricate dance. Focus on being safe and connected to create a dazzling display of choreography. The system we use is called LUMINA that includes a notation system for choreography and a sport for those who would like to game as well.

Join the Club

Staying in contact with us is essential for your training.

  1. Like our Facebook page so you get public announcements
  2. Join the SaberCraft Lumeneers Global Facebook group so you're involved with the global Community.
  3. Register on this site and edit your membership profile to stay informed of upcoming lessons.

The Fundamentals

Start your journey with these simple Fundamental CMs that can get crossing sabers in no-time.

Start Here - Learn the Notation System

CM-C: Part 1 Completes and Complete Across

CM-A - The 1st Target Points

CM-C: Part 2 Completes and Telegraphs

CM B: Corners - Shoulders & Hips

CM D: Switching between Attacker & Defender

Learn the Patterns

Continue your journey learning our CM-Catalog. Each lesson teaches you a new move or approach to your saber work. Combine the various CMs into choreographies.

CM-A - The 1st Target Points

CM-D: Switching between Roles

CM-H: Flow - Moving continually

CM-K: Staff vs Saber

CM-R: Avengers: Endgame

CM-V: Dual Wielding

CM-B: Corners

CM-E: Special Moves & Counters

CM-I: Completes

CM-O: Musashi vs Tanaka

CM-S: Lock Spins

CM-W: Wonder Woman vs Antiope

CM-C: Completes and Acrosses

CM-F: Contactless CM

CM-J: Inverted Grip

CM-P: Dooku vs Anakin


Drilling through CMs using LUMINA

Choreographed Movements Notation

Below are the Fundamental CMs to the entire SaberCraft system for you to reference at any time. Many lessons have videos to walk you through the steps of our notation. As you get better at our notation, we'll have less videos as you should be proficient in reading the LUMINA notation. All the CMs below are part of the CM Core Library. The CM Core Library is developed by SaberCraft for LUMINA games but your own school can create its own CM library based on your choreography too. .

Advanced CMs

Creating Your Own System

Build and Customize your own system using your school's program and share it with the LUMINA Community.