Intellectual Property Terms and Conditions

We are working really hard to develop this program, all of its classes, building the community, building a online and offline presence, coordinating with local studios and media outlets and making sure we have a place to practice and people to practice with. Doing all this takes time and money which our founders have put their time and energy on. It’s very easy to just take our notation and open up your own “academy” and call yourself a “Master Instructor”. In doing so you fragment the community rather than help building it.

In the end, this movement barely makes the money it needs to really sustain one’s lifestyle completely. It is a side-hobby most of all but it is one that we feel passionate about. What we would like to avoid is doing all this work and have someone steal it, open their own studio/class/group and cause contention.

While there is no need to do that, some folks may be tempted. Interested in starting your own thing? Then why not work with us. We’ve done all the heavy lifting. We’ve done all the mistakes. We can guide you down the right path, ensure that your group will grow, you can make money or gain fame from it and best of all – support you.

That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help you grow. Give us a chance to help nurture your growth in the Art of the Saber.

So let’s do this together.

It’s important to note that we have different levels of intellectual property protection and you can read the full details of them in our Terms of Service. Just as a quick highlight, here’s what we offer and what you can do with it: