About Us

Shine Ignite Rise: Changing the way we learn, play, and grow.

Our Long Term Vision is to be the saber-instruction go-to school for saber-fitness and fun providing instruction in LUMINA - a universal saber-instruction system.

SaberCraft’s is South Florida’s premiere saber-instruction community offering a thorough, scalable fitness / coaching curriculum for saber choreography mastery.

SaberCraft is a fitness-empowerment community that incorporates Yoga, Movement, Meditation and Saber Choreography to empower individuals seeking a change in their lives. Originally concepted as a performance choreography class, SaberCraft has evolved into a curriculum of saber choreography techniques used in the realms of performance and sport. Its focus is to build teamwork with individuals working together to create dynamic saber choreographies. Our notation choreography system is free and built as a scalable system for others to use to transcribe their choreographies. SaberCraft has developed a saber based sport named LUMINA whereby teammates can work together to build a saber battle and accrue points executing it. Join the team and subscribe today.

Why a Craft?

A Craft is simply a skill that is practiced usually non-mechanical and required to be done by an individual. Usually a craft produces a result, the result that SaberCraft members offer is the agreement to a unified system of choreographies that can be notated, reviewed, similarly performed and distributed for open interpretation. In SaberCraft, we elevate others through combat choreography to go from a skill to sport and use it as a driving force to help people find the change, wonder or strength they need in their lives.

Why SaberCraft

SaberCraft is about you, the member. It’s about building you up and setting a stage where you are the hero (or villain) you are inside but may be cautious about showing others. Since we were children, there are stories that we grew up with that changed us. Forged the “hero” that we look for in our life. SaberCraft allows the individual to have a number of hours a week where they delve into this persona. They walk into a group that knows them as their hero name. A group that encourages this persona to shine in their work. The work we conduct in SaberCraft is the saber-play that we demonstrate to others but in order to reach there, there is a much work to be done in order to establish the connection that they will need with others willing to trust them to have them swing a stick at them in public. SaberCraft is about putting the needs of others in front of yours in order to help you and the group excel. By learning how to do proper sword-play, students will focus on gaining flexibility, strength, focus, mindfulness and most importantly, camaraderie with others.

SaberCraft Instructors

  • Alfred Smith
  • Jorge Arenas
  • Molly Smith
  • Luis Meurice
  • Cole Hemp
  • Thom Timco
  • Dr. Mario Cubas


SaberCraft was founded in August 2016. Stemming back from meets when it was started online with a Meetup.com group and became a reality at Belly2Abs Dance Studio in early Dec 2015.  SaberCraft now makes its home at the Miami Scottish Rite Temple.

Notation Credits

The LUMINA Notation System and the LUMINA Guidebook are written by Alfred Smith. Edits, contributions and testing provided by Jorge Arenas, Molly Smith and Cole Hemp.