CM-I: Advanced Novastar

CM I: Advanced Novastar

This CM is one of the original sequence combinations at the origins of saber combat choreography. Matthew Carauddo developed the NCSCS (Novastar Caine Saber Combat System) in the early days of LED Stunt sabering and offered a series of DVD instructional videos called "Saber Combat". Our founder had an opportunity to meet Matthew and do a clinic with him and among the training was this sequence available on the Saber Combat DVD. Though Saber Combat is no longer available, we documented here the sequence for posterity as an example of one of the earliest sequence of saber strikes developed by a fan for fans.

Lumen A* 5 9 2-C 1 3 7 3-C 7-C 11
*Note: CM I is based on choreography by Matthew Carauddo for Saber Combat and applied to the CM structure. To learn more about Saber Combat, visit

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