CM-O – Musashi vs Tanaka

CM-O, or as we call it: Space Samurai, is a choreography inspired by the Musashi versus Tanaka fight from Westworld Season 2, Episode 5 (see original video). Each CM up to this point has been 1 CM out of our CM Core library; CM-O is first in the CORE Library that is actually a combination of 1 or more CMs. In this case, we are combining 2 stand-alone CMs CM 51 (worth 2 points) and CM 52 (worth 2 points) and combining them into 1 LUMINA Powerplay which we then call CM-O (worth 5 points). In this saber choreography, instructors Amen Abdou and Alexis Adames from walk you through the roles in this action packed choreography. Choreography notation by: Amen Abdou.


Lumen A steps forward bends front knee at 45°, places saber at rear hip as if holstered, head tilted forward as if to lunge. Example:

Telegraph CM-O


CM-O (CM Powerplay:51 - 52)

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: Lunge with hip holster
Lumina Points: 2

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: N/A
Lumina Points: 2
CM:52 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)

Original Battle

CM-O Interpretation Battle

CM-O demod by students

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