Welcome to SaberCraft Online

Welcome to the SaberCraft Members section. From here you will be able to access Curriculum notes in addition to notation and more. Got a new email address or need to update your information? As part of your responsibilities in being a part of us, there are Rules that we should follow in order to maintain a positive environment for our group to grow. That involves the Yoga portion of your training. In SaberCraft, we apply the The Eight Limbs of Yoga to create this mindset and environment. There are various approaches to The Eight Limbs of Yoga and through SaberCraft we take a very contemporary approach to the philosophy rather than in Classical Studies. In order to progress as a Knight you must follow the minimum requirements of the The Restraints and The Observanaces.


Date of next ceremony: November 18, 2017

Are you testing? Be sure to reserve your testing session in advance. In order to qualify to rank, you must have successfully completed essential skills in order to progress. Book your testing session to have an Advanced Knight supervise your testing. Please be mindful of their time. Be ready to successfully complete the tasks you choose to be tested in. Failure to do so results in a 2 Class penalty before being able to test that skill again.  

What's Next

You've made it through the first class and can't wait to learn more? Well, you made it to the right place. Below are the next steps that you'll go through as you continue your journey into SaberCraft. 

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