Saberist Academy

SaberCraft joins the Saberist Academy

SaberCraft is proud to announce that we are building a partnership with Saberist Academy. Saberist Academy is a Consortium of Saber Instructors operating in their own MetaStyle of either Academic Study, Stage Combat, Flow, or Sport Dueling, but it all is rooted in The 8 Core Principles It is an important resource in the Art of LED Saber Combat and Stage Combat. SaberCraft’s classes and lessons are based on the MetaStyle focus of Stage Combat and Flow. An important goal of SaberCraft is to prepare its students for any form of either performance or choreography sport competition.

As SaberCraft has developed LUMINA as a new saber choreography game system, it’s MetaStyle will be focused on Academic Study and Sport Dueling. Utilizing the Temporal Notation System, LUMINA will convert any/all notation systems into a universal collection of choreography movements. Each system/school will have its own library of moves and notations specific to that system.

Through LUMINA meets, Sport Dueling will be the primary focus as LUMENS will compete with each other in order to accrue points to win the season.

Saberist Academy is headed by Flynn Michaels, a pioneer in saber clubs throughout the US and the world. Saberist Academy focuses on building a community of various saber club instructors in order to build the saber community and awareness of its various sports, clubs and schools. Saberist Academy has established itself with a saber store called the Kyber Cave located in Fairfield, California.

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