LUMINA 2018: Game 1 of 10

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Lumina is a sport developed by SaberCraft whereby Lumens (players) compete using various Choreographed Movements either with or against each other. See the walkthrough of this video with a guide on how to play: Lumina Duets are about teamwork. A team of Lumens works together to create the most dazzling of fight choreographies and try to out-perform all other teams to stage the best fight. Each round, participants face off and points are accumulated. Points are counted as successfully committed or defended CMs. In this demonstration, Advanced Lumens teams challenge each other in a Duets competition. If this is too fast, consider going a bit slower for newer learners. Here’s a Fundamentals version for those just starting: Lumina combines knowledge of all the CMs and there are various ways all levels, from beginner to the most advanced Lumenaries, can play. Learn to play for free and learn how to open a chapter at Lumina ©2017. All rights reserved. Attribution-NonCommercial – CC BY-NC – 2017. Permission is granted to copy, distribute with modifications and edits along with Attribution but not for Commercial under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License (“Public License”).


TeamPoIntsPrimary RoundSecondary RoundWinsOutcome
Alexis “Adaal” Adames16160Loss
Alfred “Echo” Smith3010200Win
Jorge “Waoki” Arenas19190Loss
Luis “Dando” Meurice2610160Loss
Mario “Ankhi” Cubas19190Loss
Thom “Rhono” Timco20201Win