LUMINA 2018: Game 4 of 10

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Watch as SaberCraft Knights perform LUMINA, a saber choreography sport, live during Supercon 2018.

LUMINA is a saber choreography sport whereby opponents battle each other as a team using choreographed sequences. Choreographed sequences are then graded and if done successfully, players gain points.

LUMINA: a saber sport for all genres and walks of life.

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0:15 Team Omega: Phoenix vs Haat
2:17 Alexis vs Adaal
4:49 Luis vs Spencer

Alexis: 19
Haat: 17
Luis: 16
Phoenix: 17
Spencer: 16
Armando: 19

Winners: Team Alpha: Alexis vs Armando

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TeamPoIntsPrimary RoundWinsOutcome
Alexis “Adaal” Adames19191Win
Armando “Varis” Valdivia19191Win
Amen “Haat” Abdou17170Loss
Luis “Dando” Meurice16160Loss
Spencer “Pantoran” Jock16160Loss
Susan “Phoenix” Parker17170Loss