LUMINA 2018: Game 2 of 10

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Music used in this video:

Track URL:
Title: Drums of Fury
Composer: Alexander Hoff
Youtube Channel:
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4 International License.

Fight 1: Kanan and Woaki
Composer: METR
Title: Beginning
Follow METR on Youtube:

Fight 2: Adaal and Echo
Composer: The Electro Collective (Trance 2017)
Title: Dark
Follow The Electro Collective at:

Fight 3: Spencer and Kanan
Composer: The Vibe
Title: Inova
Follow The Vibe:
Soundcloud: Inova – The Vibe:

Fight 4: Echo and Woaki
Composer: Royalty Free Music – No Copyright
Title: Fight Music Background
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TeamPoIntsPrimary RoundSecondary RoundWinsOutcome
Alexis “Adaal” Adames24241Win
Alfred “Echo” Smith6744231Win
Arik Roshanzamir230230Loss
Cole “Kanan” Hemp281990Loss
Jorge “Waoki” Arenas3919200Loss
Spencer “Pantoran” Jock990Loss