CM 21 – 22 Choreography Sample

Below is a dramatic battle notated by Samantha Huddleston, Julie Failde, Ana Ma Jácome & Alfred Smith inspired by a classic cinematic battle. This particular battle is not screen accurate but rather an interpretation of a given choreography. Many of the pauses, sprints and environment factors are not in this choreography. The choreography has been divided into their respective Choreographed Movements (CMs) and are classified as CMs 21-24. Below is the first half of the fight consisting of CM21 - CM22. Interested in seeing the rest of the fight, register now for Free. This way we update you when we upload new choreographies.

PDF Version (Temporal Notation)

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Not for reproduction. Notation copyright: 2017

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Entire Choreography: KvR – CM 21 – CM 24

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