Start a LUMINA League

Start a LUMINA league
If you are new to LUMINA and want others to join in on the fun, it has to start with you. Every grassroots organization starts with folks like you. If you have a passion for sabers and battling like something out of the movies has been something you’ve always longed for, you can get started much easier than enrolling in a course and spending lots of time and money.
Our lessons are free and are online. Joining our team is just as easy as registering on our website and contributing to the conversation while meeting new people from all over the world. So now it’s up to you.
How to start a team
1. If you have your own school already, simply set up a LUMINA class day where you’ll show your students or the public the fundamental CMs.
2. If you don’t have a school, and it’s just you, find a park where you can meet others and contact us and let us know. We’ll set up a Facebook Event and a Meet-up in your area to help get things moving along.
3. After you’ve met with others who are interested, start practicing the routines. Over and over, going up and down the ladder until you have a good rhythm with them.
4. Establish a League Representative that is the organizer of your team. Let us know and we’ll publish you under our Chapters and help build your team’s growth.

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