Form: Shii Cho

Introduction to Shii-Cho

Shii-Cho is a memorized solo form focused on utilizing various trajectories of the standard 1-10 target points. It also introduces the saberist to balanced postures and introducing them into saber forms in order to add drama and flair.

Download: Shii-Cho Notation

Video Tutorials

Section 1:


Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Feet Strike   Feet Strike   Feet Strike
Left 0 Right 0 Right Fl-Fwd
Right Right-forward 0m3 Left 11©
Left 11© Left 3m9 Right
Right Left (recall) Right (recall) Pause
Left Attack Pose Pause Right (stay) 12
Right Left Right (stay) Pt9
Left Right Right (skip)
Right Left 11© Left
Left 12© Feet Together Neutral Feet Together
Feet Together 0 Neutral Stance Neutral Stance

© – Complete
Pt: Pitch
m: Modifier

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