Advancement in SaberCraft

Students who study at SaberCraft, at a certain point, may want to test their skills and take upon a whole new challenge and embark on the road to saber mastery. Saber mastery is not easy as many may expect as gaining the ability to do saber choreography from memory and improvise combinations on the fly. Saber Mastery is to make saber play second nature while being mindful of your moves and safety. 

The Knights program is built to add another dimension to our training. The Knights Program is to empower individuals interested in learning saber choreography adopting principles of wellness into their lives. By applying elements of yoga, refined saber technique and mindfulness in a wellness-community based curriculum, members develop the skills in saber mastery and leadership while adopting a positive wellness and fitness routine.

Knight Sashes

Based on established martial arts programs, the Knights program provides an established curriculum using a rank-system built on on merit and personal accomplishments. Using elements of Kung fu and Tai Chi, SaberCraft uses sashes to designate ranks using the same sashes available for these other martial arts. 

Testing your skills

Those enrolled in the program will have access to exams that will test their skills and provide them an opportunity where they can partake in a leadership role in classes and community events including workshops and conventions (Cons). It's guaranteed that with your first complimentary ticket you earn to a Con or with the discount on your class passes, your membership will have paid itself off. Even if you don’t attend our classes in person, you can enroll in this program and spread the word of the LUMINA saber system. 

Rather than practicing with others occasionally or when partners can make time, the Knights Program guarantees that there are like-minded individuals who are setting aside their time to practice their saber craft to its fullest. You dedicate yourself to the art and your practice. It means that you're willing to get to class a little earlier just to help out or taking on the new student and helping them with a particular form. For some it is about community events, while for others it’s a sense of accomplishment. 

The Knight Program ranking system is intended to capture a student's dedication in understanding aspects of saber-combat, yoga,  performance and self-discipline. It is the path of the hero on their journey toward self-empowerment, greater discipline and focused intention.


Honorary Knight

Support Belt is for honorary Knights that have been involved with SaberCraft and provided help in a meaningful way to the organization as a whole. These are contributors who have provided their time and efforts to help SaberCraft become what it is today without the need to demonstrate knowledge in the CMs.

Initiate Knight (1)

Yellow Sash is for Knights that have been involved with SaberCraft for a minimum of 6 months/sessions or they have shown proficiency with 5 CMs. This sash is given to honorary members as well as a gesture of gratitude for generosity in contributing to SaberCraft.

Scribe Knight (2)

The Orange Sash is presented to Knights that have been involved with SaberCraft for a minimum of 12 months/sessions or they have shown proficiency with 10 CMs or more. Coordinating class and assisting in setup/takedown. Orange sashes are considered advanced students. At least 1 Event participation.

Guardian Knight (3)

The Blue/Indigo sash is presented to Knights that have been involved with SaberCraft for a minimum of 24 months/sessions and have shown proficiency with 15 CMs or more and are conducting Group Instruction and/or Event participation (clarify this - clarify the levels of participation - group teaching vs # of times doing waivers).

Master Knight (4)

The Blue/Indigo sash is presented to Knights that have been involved with SaberCraft for a minimum of 24 months/sessions and have shown proficiency with 15 CMs or more and are conducting Group Instruction and/or Event participation (clarify this - clarify the levels of participation - group teaching vs # of times doing waivers).

Instructor Knight (5)

This sash is presented to Instructors that have done the following: involved with SaberCraft for a minimum of 36 months/sessions, shown proficiency with a minimum of 15+ CMs, competed in 1 season of Lumina, provided a minimum of teaching 5 group sessions and completed a fitness certification.

Luminary (6)

This sash is presented to Knights that have opened a chapter and instructed it. This sash can only be worn at their appropriate chapter. This is an honorary sash provided to instructors who are currently running a chapter that contain more two or more instructors. Only 1 Violet sash may be worn at a time at a chapter.

Age Requirements & Disqualifications

This is for anyone, aged 16 and above, who has an interest for sabers, yoga, choreographies and performing. Considering that saber combat is a delicate dance; safety is of highest priority. What does matter is how you interact with the other Knights.

SaberCraft Knights gain rank and are recognized in any LUMINA / SaberCraft-based school or club. The rank of a knight is designated by the color of a sash worn by the student during classes or events.

Learn more about Disqualifications from becoming a Knight

What is the Knight Yearly Dues?

The Knight yearly dues are $24. That’s $2 a month paid annually. Similar to membership dues for any club out there.

Do I have to pay it?

If you are not planning on ranking in SaberCraft then NO, you do not have to pay it.


Classes passes cover basic business expenses. Setting an ideal studio environment is where 90% of our class passes profit goes toward. When you think of everything else that is involved with building the program, that's where the Knights Memebership Fee goes. SaberCraft can be magical. It can be a system that will be global one day and you could help be a part of starting that movement. Yoga started in India and now it’s world wide.

A Proper Curriculum
Keep your Rank
Documentation & Notation
Access to events
Fun-immersive belt ceremony
Teacher Training


Your Knight fee gives you the right to instruct others in class. Everyone thinks they’re a teacher. Understand that students coming in come from different backgrounds. Some young, some old. Some challenged, some gifted. We’ve introduced over 1000 people to the basic fundamentals of saber choreography. By paying your dues and properly ranking, we outfit you with special classes and meetings to help you develop your teaching & presentation skills.

2 Guest Passes

Get 2 guest passes a year to share with friends and family. Guest passes are mainly for Fundamentals Class. We do have the option where your guet may attend the Advanced Class but they must practice mainly with you. Guest passes are granted after 3 months of attendance. Guest passes do NOT accumulate and are limited to a maximum of 2.

Value: $20

Website material

Need to remember a particular move or choreography? No need to go googling. Just go to, login and voila, you should have it there. Updated and in an easy to download format.


From notating fights, to breaking them into CMs (including developing the CM system) and building a curriculum whereby our classes stay interesting. Lessons are developed to cover old and new lessons each and every class. We rotate our subjects across time in order to allow anyone to jump in at any team and feel up to pace while presenting a challenge to long-time practitioners. Our curriculum is continually tested and improved. Evolving and changing. Anyone who’s been here for over a year can tell you how much things change in no time. 

How Having Online Lessons Help

Consider having on online repository of all the moves we cover in class

Average Choreographed Movement

Avg. CM involves 15 steps
for just 1 role
(30 for both roles)

Number of Classes to learn choreography

8 Classes of 15 step CMs

Average Choreography

Avg. Choreography combines
54 steps (4 CMs) for both
attacker and defender

Review Online

Review what you want
when you want