Founder, Instructor Alfred Smith


Alfred Smith, Founder, Saber Instructor - Level 3

Alfred Smith is one of South Florida original LED saber instructors and helped define the local saber scene. Originally a student of Aikido and a Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200), Alfred was teaching Yoga in South Florida. In his early roots, he studied and taught NCSCS system in the first LED saber club of South Florida he founded called the Magic City Knights. The MCJ was a group that would do public performances and a core group of Star Wars fans that put on shows and taught the public saber combat basics.

In 2016, Alfred opened rebuilding the saber combat system from scratch. He created the LUMINA notation system (originally 'Temporal" notation system) for the purpose of building a framework for the language and notation of saber combat choreographies. Built around the image of a clock, it made the system easy to understand globally to all cultures. LUMINA also introduced the idea of putting together a series of attack and defenses in a small bite-sized patterns that make choreographies easier to learn. This innovative form of patterns applied to saber choreography stems from roots in katas for Karate and Yoga vinyasa.

Alfred was co-founder of Saber Guild: Dagobah Temple of South Florida and has written, performed and coordinated a variety of events for the organization. Alfred participates with our sister organization, the Saber Legion, at their local saber chapter meets.

In 2018, Alfred worked with members of SaberCraft to define a new aspect of instruction and mastery in a sport titled "Lumina" that helps saber students take their saber abilities to the next level. Half choreography based on the CMs and half improvisation where the CMs can be re-arranged on the spot - LUMINA is the world's first saber choreography game that can be played and adapted to any other saber club system.

Alfred continues teaching at in Miami and works with local non-profits and municipal parks to get SaberCraft to the community.

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