Geek Girl Brunch Event


Welcome Geek Girl Brunch – South Florida!

Join us for a 120 minute class that will cover saber combat drills including attacks, defenses, flourishes and choreography.

Class Detail

Class begins: 10AM – Noon (2 hours)

Price: $15 (including take home foam practice saber)

40 24 Spots Available – Space Is Limited!


Address: Miami Scottish Rite Temple 471 NW 3rd St, Miami, FL 33128

Scottish Rite Parking Map

Scottish Rite Parking Map

Parking is free. The entrance is located on the west side, back of the building on North River Drive. The entrance is also located behind the building next to the parking area.

From I-95 coming South:

  • Take exit 3B for NW 8th St toward Port of Miami/Orange Bowl
  • Continue on NW 3rd Ct. Drive to NW 3rd St
  • Turn right onto NW 3rd St

From I-95 going North:

  • I-95 S exit toward Downtown
  • follow signs for NW 8th St/Port of Miami
  • Continue on NW 3rd Ct. Drive to NW 3rd St
  • Turn right onto NW 3rd St



About our System:

Combat: Saber Combat classes cover basic combat attacks and drills from saber-combat theory choreography style: SaberCombat produced by Matthew ‘Novastar’ Carauddo & Mark Preader and coated with various japanese sword fighting styles and techniques stemming from Kendo to Aikido. To learn more about SaberCombat or to order your own copy, please visit:

Yoga: SaberCraft incorporates beginner to moderate level poses of Hatha Yoga.

Lore: We incorporate parables and references to all matters of Science-Fiction and Fantasy to reach a greater audience. We utilize the LED “light” saber as a weapon we can be familiar with and provides a sense of wonder and awe! By tapping into that part of us, and applying it to the movement in classes we wrap it up with a lesson relating to a work that all class members can relate to. This is something that is unique to SaberCraft and cannot be found anywhere else.


  • Please bring a light set of clothes that are comfortable to move around in.
  • No Children under the age of 13. It is recommended that those under 18 be accompanied by and practice with their guardian.
  • You must sign a waiver in order to practice.

About our Group

SaberCraft is a guidance group focused on creating a cohesive saber combat system, providing cultural enrichment through science fiction lore and building a community of saber enthusiasts throughout the South Florida region. Utilizing the NCSCS system for saber combat in addition to a growing curriculum, SaberCraft oversees saber combat by building chapters that follow the same system.