Complimentary Class


Come on in!

If you assisted us in one of our events, you are invited to a free class at SaberCraft.  Come on down and practice some of the drills we covered that day and more!

Join us for a class that will cover saber combat drills including attacks, defenses, flourishes and choreography.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Class begins: 10AM – 11AM (1 hours)
Price: Free – because you’re awesome!



  • Please bring a light set of clothes that are comfortable to move around in.
  • No Children under the age of 13.  It is recommended that those under 18 be accompanied by and practice with their guardian.
  • You must sign a waiver in order to practice.

About our Group

SaberCraft is a guidance group focused on creating a cohesive saber combat system, providing cultural enrichment through science fiction lore and building a community of saber enthusiasts throughout the South Florida region. Utilizing the NCSCS system for saber combat in addition to a growing curriculum, the SaberCraft oversees saber combat by building chapters that follow the same system.