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The CM Series Catalog is a library of entire choreographies notated by various schools including SaberCraft. Any school can notate entire battles and upload them here to share with the world. From these fights below, we pi→ck specific CMs and add them to the CM-Core library used by SaberCraft.

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CM NameAlt CM NameLessonSource / Inspired ByCharactersNotation By
A1st Target Points & Choreographed MovementsOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
BThe Corners Hits - Shoulders & HipsOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
CCompletes & Complete AcrossOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
DSwitching between Attacker & DefenderOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
ESpecial Moves & CountersOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
FContactless CM: Blending and DisarmsTV: Into the BadlandsCM CORESantiago Martinez
G13LockingStar Wars Ep 6: Return of the JediLuke, VaderCM COREAlfred Smith
HFlow - Moving continuallyOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
ICompletesOriginalCM COREMatthew Carauddo
JInverted GripOriginalCM COREAlfred Smith
K31Staff vs SaberStar Wars Ep 1: The Phantom MenaceObi-Wan, MaulCM COREArmando Valdivia, Alfred Smith
L32Staff vs Saber Part 2Star Wars Ep 1: The Phantom MenaceObi-Wan, MaulCM COREArmando Valdivia, Alfred Smith
M42TBD - coming July 2022Star Wars Ep 5: The Empire Strikes BackLuke, VaderCM COREAlfred Smith
NDuel Weilding Game: The Force UnleashedCM COREAlfred Smith
O101Space Samurai: Musashi vs TanakaTV: WestworldMuzashi, TanakaCM COREAmen Abdou, Alexis Adames
P91Anakin vs. DookuStar Wars Ep 3: Revenge of the SithAnakin, DookuCM COREKristianna Jones
Q21Kylo vs ReyStar Wars Ep 7: The Force AwakensKylo, ReyCM COREAlfred Smith
R102Ronin's battle - Avengers: EndgameMCU: EndgameRonin, Hawkeye, Yakuza BossCM CORELuis Meurice
SLock SpinsOriginalCM CORESpencer Jock
TFlow Spins in Action + HoldsOriginalCM COREThom Timko, Mario Cubas
U52TBD - coming July 2022Star Wars Ep 1: A New Hope - SC 38 ReimaginedObi-wan, VaderCM COREAlfred Smith
VDuel Weilding vs Single SaberDuel Wielding vs Single BladeCM CORECole Hemp
W103Amazon Training - Wonder Woman vs AntiopeWonder WomanWonder Woman, AntiopeCM COREDesso Faulkner
XTBD - coming July 2022Corridor: To the DeathCM CORE???
YTBD - coming July 2022Star Wars Clone WarsCM CORETim Lynch, Cole Hemp
Z106Left-handed, one armed combatKenobi: Ep 3Vader, Obi-WanCM COREStephen Carter
  • Series 10: Ep VI: Luke vs Vader
  • Series 20: Ep VII: Kyle v Rey
  • Series 30: Ep I: Obi v Maul
  • Series 40: Ep V: Luke v Vader
  • Series 50: Ep IV: Obi v Vader
  • Series 90: Ep III: Anakin v Dooku
  • Series 100: Samurai-Based: Westworld, Endgame & More

Series 10: Ep VI: L V V


Telegraph: Helicopter + Position 1
Lumina Score: 2


Telegraph: Helicopter + Position 2
Lumina Score: 2

CM-13 / CM-G

This particular CM is also designated as CM-G

Telegraph: Helicopter + Position 3

Lumina Score: 2


Telegraph: Helicopter + Position 4
Lumina Score: 3

Series 20: Ep VII: K v R


CM-22: KvR (old)

CM-22: KvR

CM-24: KvR

CM-25: KvR

CM-26: KvR

CM-27: KvR

CM-28: KvR

Series 30: Ep I: OW v M

CM: 31

Lumen A: 2 fingers pointed at opponent then down
Lumen B: Staff pointed down in front of you at 5 position
Lumina Score: 3

CM 32

Series 50: Ep IV: OW v V

CM: 41

CM-62: ANH.csv

CM 32

Series 90: Ep III: A v D

LUMINA Powerplay - Total Points: 3

CM: 91 - Dooku vs Anakin (Rev of the Sith)
Telegraph: Claw + Position 1
Lumina Points: 3


CM: 92 - Dooku vs Anakin (Rev of the Sith)
Lumina Points: 1

Series 100: Samurai-Based: Westworld, Endgame & More

LUMINA Powerplay - Total Points: 5

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: Lunge with hip holster
Lumina Points: 2

CM: 51 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)
Telegraph: N/A
Lumina Points: 2
CM:52 - Musashi vs Takana (Westworld)


LUMINA Powerplay - Total Points: 3

CM-R is based on Avengers: Endgame between Ronin (Hawkeye) and a Yakuza boss.
Lumina Score: 3