Advanced Classes

Why settle with just the Fundamentals when you can take our Advanced Classes. Advanced classes are not for the meek of heart as we'll focus on fitness, repetition, meditation and advanced forms of choreography.

Benefits of joining the Advanced Classes

You will learn the more complicated choreographed movements, in addition to various benefits including:

  • 2 Hour Class plus the Fundamentals 1 hour
  • More complicated Yoga postures
  • Advanced notation
  • Longer meditation
  • Learn complete choreographies
  • Learn advanced forms
  • Get Fit (Heart rates tend to stay in the Fat Burn Zone for the 2 hours)
  • Enter into the Arena longer with complicated CMs, high-velocity music and games


To attend our Advanced Classes, just purchase a class pass either for 1 day or a multiple class pass and save. Use your class passes whenever you come. Need to skip a weekend? No worries, with class passes you attend when you can make it. We keep count of how many classes you have left so you don't have to worry about keep track.

  • 1 Fundamentals + Advanced Class is $20
  • 1 Fundamentals + Advanced Class is $15 for Knights


To take our Advanced classes you must fulfill the following requirements:

· Demonstrate Fundamental Attacks and Defenses
· Understand Safety requirements and display them
· Basic Telegraphy of 2 CMs
· Complete 6 hours of Fundamentals Classes

You are reviewed by a sampling of our Senior Knights and if you complete everything listed and focus on the safety of others in class, then you are welcomed to join the SaberCraft Knights. The Audition is to test your ability to do the Foundations with ease and to demonstrate to the other Knights your commitment to their safety and support. Auditions are conducted during the 1st Class of every month.

How do I pay to take the class?

Simple, once you are tested and approved to take Advanced Classes, you can either pay the day you're attending or pay here using the buttons above. Just let us know as you're walking in that you'll be staying for both classes.

How long is each Advanced class?

Each class is 2 hours with a 5 minute break. Fundamentals is bundled in and it is your option if you would like to take it.

Am I Knight once I start Advanced classes?

Completing the Fundamentals test allows you to join the senior students in our Advanced Classes. Once you have successfully completed Rank 1, you are then dubbed a SaberCraft Knight. Learn more about becoming a SaberCraft Knight.

Things to know before you sign up!

  1. You AGREE by signing up for the SaberCraft Advanced Classes that SaberCraft is not liable and responsible for any health risk or injuries that may happen to you. You agree that you're in good physical health and condition to participate in our program.
  2. We reserve the right to reject your monthly membership based on disciplinary issues and improper attitude during our training program. This includes continuous behavior that leads to purposeful injury of other participants.
  3. You agree that we reserve the right to use your image captured on photography or videography for our marketing purposes on print and electronic media.