CM-B: Angle attacks with targets 2-10-4-8 & Intro to Choreographed Movements

This lesson highlights targets 2-10-4-8 and are all the 4 points for CM-B. Choreographed Movements are a unique feature of the SaberCraft Saber Combat-Choreography system. By combining various combinations of sequences, one could choreograph a fight very easily. These choreographed movements are a part of the LUMINA Saber Games TM developed by SaberCraft.


LUMINA Points: 2

Lumen A
2 10 4 8 2 10 4 8 2 10 4 8
Lumen B 2P 10P 4P 8P 2P 10P 4P 8P 2P 10P 4P 8P

Telegraph: American Sign-Language B

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