SaberCraft: Miami’s Premiere LED saber classes

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SaberCraft is Miami’s premiere LED saber combat choreography class. Our focus is on the development of students in areas from saber combat to staged choreography through methods involving Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Saber CombatClasses take you from learning basic fundamentals in meditation and yoga and lead up to an immersive experience at the end of class combining moves you learned to music.

A fun activity that’s out of the ordinary

SaberCraft welcomes you to our Saber Collective in Miami – Fort Lauderdale, South Florida. Profiled as #1 Weirdest Workout by The Miami New Times, SaberCraft will take you on an empowering journey as you unlock skills you never knew you had. As an LED saber combat choreography group, we look to have new members who wish to express their hero within. Release yourself from your daily chains and bring in something different into your life and open that new chapter

A Glimpse into our Classes and Events

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Diabetes Research Institute Chicas Poderosas

Florida SuperCon

Florida SuperCon

About our System

We combine Meditation, LED Saber Combat, Yoga, Dance, Lore & Immersion to make an experience that all ages can enjoy. This is not just a “saber class” – it’s an all-encompassing empowerment class and program. Learn more about the System


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