Learn to wield a saber as you join us for a class that will cover saber combat drills including attacks, defenses, flourishes and choreography. Please feel free to bring your own combat ready saber or you can borrow a saber (included with entry-RSVP). You can either RSVP and pre-pay using our online store or with cash before class.  Cash and all major credit cards accepted. Tickets/Class Passes are NOT limited by day – you can use them anytime class is available.

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Upcoming Classes and Events

  • 3 Saturdays a month. Please see schedule for listing.
  • Fundamentals Class (ages 11+) begins: 10:00AM – 11:00AM (1 hour)
  • 1 Fundamentals Class: $15
  • 3 Fundamentals Class-pack: $40 (discount of $5)
  • 5 Fundamentals Class-pack: $55 (discount of $20)
  • Class walk-in – includes an UltraSaber to use in class

Address: Miami Scottish Rite Temple 471 NW 3rd St, Miami, FL 33128
Parking: Free. Parking and entry is available in the back of the building.


What to expect from SaberCraft

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About our Fundamentals Class:

Meditation: Having problems resting your mind? Find some peace in your mindful movement. We practice our saber work in sets where we practice mindfulness to build a moving meditation. We open and close class with meditation to bring the individual to the ‘moment’. The focus here is Mindfulness.

Combat: Saber combat choreography classes cover basic combat attacks and drills from a broad range of sources as contemporary as SaberCombat, produced by Matthew ‘Novastar’ Carauddo & Mark Preader, a saber-combat choreography style that uses a notation system, to ancient teachings from various japanese sword fighting styles and techniques stemming from Kendo to Aikido. We are not an NCSCS school but we believe in its notation system as a great platform from which to learn how to strike. To learn more about SaberCombat or to order your own copy, please visit: The focus here is language.

Yoga: SaberCraft incorporates beginner to moderate level poses of Hatha Yoga led by an Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) including ancient lessons from the 8 Limbs of Yoga. By incorporating practical lessons in everything from hygiene to proper posture, Yoga is the fundamental element that drives the movement in this system. The focus here is proper posture.

Dance: The Dance begins when a saber is held. There is a movement that occurs that binds the saber to the individual. When that saber makes contact with another saber, then the dance between the two grows in complexity. We have developed a choreography group play system that is unique to our school and allows multiple configurations of group combat to occur while remaining safe and elegant. The focus here is movement.

Lore: We incorporate parables and references to all matters of History, Science-Fiction and Fantasy to reach a greater audience. Among several “weapons”, we utilize the LED saber as a weapon we can be familiar with and provides a sense of wonder and awe! By tapping into that part of us, and applying it to the movement in classes we wrap it up with a lesson relating to a work that all class members can relate to. This is something that is unique to SaberCraft and cannot be found anywhere else. The focus here is empowerment.

Immersion: The final piece in our classes that take you someplace else where the Hero is awakened.


  • Please bring a light set of clothes that are comfortable to move around in.
  • No Children under the age of 13.  Minors under 18 be accompanied by and practice solely with their guardian.
  • You must sign a waiver in order to practice.

About our Group

SaberCraft is a guidance group focused on providing an empowering environment using a cohesive saber combat system & elements of Yoga, providing cultural enrichment through science fiction lore and building a community of saber enthusiasts throughout the South Florida region.

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