Why settle with just the Fundamentals when you can advance in SaberCraft's advancement achievement program called the SaberCraft Knights.

Lumeneers, students who study SaberCraft, at a certain point may want to test their skills and take upon a whole new challenge - the road to becoming an instructor.

Lumeneers enrolled in the program will have access to advanced classes, first access to special events (e.g. performances at Cons/Invites), exams that will test their skills and provide them an opportunity where they can partake in a leadership role in classes and community events including workshops and conventions (Cons). It's guaranteed that with your first complimentary ticket you earn to a Con, your membership fee will have paid itself off.

Why become a SaberCraft Knight?

Time to take it the next level and get involved in the community and take a leadership position. Rather than practicing with others occasionally or when partners can make time, joining the Knights guarantees that there are like-minded individuals who are setting aside their time to practice the art to its fullest. As a SaberCraft Knight, you get to participate in all outings and performances of the group. You dedicate yourself to the art and the community. It means that you're willing to get to class a little earlier just to help out or taking on the new student and helping them with a particular form. It's about wanting to do community events and be first in line to help out. Being a SaberCraft Knight means that you're committed to helping SaberCraft grow.

Is it different than being an Advanced Student?

Advanced members & Knights will be in the same classes and will learn everything together but Knights have priority on events and many other benefits. We also introduce a storyline to your role here. You are inducted into SaberCraft through a ceremony and begin your training as a candidate. It's an immersive, personal experience that you develop through your years here. Knights are individuals who have made SaberCraft and Saber Combat a priority in their lives and want to be a part of the larger community, take on responsibilities that will involve public performances, community service and teaching.

You'll get to be a part of a different clique in the system that meets to discuss future events, has say in what scripts we use, has a voice as to which choreographies we work on next. Consider being an Advanced Student - a spectator. Consider being a Knight - as a cast member.

Differences between being enrolled in Advanced Classes & being a Magic City Knight

Advanced Student

A Proper Curriculum
Online videos/tutorials
Access to online documentation & notation

SaberCraft Knight

A Proper Curriculum
Rise in Rank
3 Guest Passes
Exclusive videos/tutorials
Access to online documentation & notation
Exclusive lessons only for Knights
Exclusive MasterClasses focused on Yoga & Meditation
Fun-immersive belt ceremony
Teacher Training MasterClasses
Access to Events

How do you become a Knight?

Magic City Knights start by enrolling in our Advanced Classes. After having tested for Rank 1 and attained your first sash, you then are considered a Magic City Knight. SaberCraft Knights is a ranking system intended to capture a student's dedication and hard work in understanding aspects of saber-combat, yoga, movement, public performance and self-discipline. It is the path of the hero on their journey toward self-empowerment, greater discipline and focused intention.


The ranking system is based on the following levels:

  • Level 0: Candidate - a new candidate who started the program - Considered an Advanced Student - NOT A KNIGHT.
  • Level 1: Initiate - accomplish the 1st Exam involving the requirements with 25 minimum hours
  • Level 2: Acolyte - accomplish the 2nd Exam involving the requirements with 50 minimum hours
  • Level 3: Fellow - accomplish the 3rd Exam involving the requirements with 75 minimum hours
  • Level 4: Master Knight - accomplish the 4th Exam involving the requirements with 100 minimum hours

Between each level are requirements of enhancement that the student must accomplish successfully involving:

  • Yoga poses
  • Meditation
  • Saber combat notation
  • Saber combat skills
  • Saber Forms
  • Staged Choreography
  • Instruction of private classes and public classes
  • Opportunities to teach at public classes

Ranks are designated by a white sash / belt given to the student who chooses the path of the SaberCraft Knight.


When setting up your own SaberCraft chapter, name your chapter with a mention to something familiar with you area.

Magic City Knights, South Florida

Want to setup your own chapter for free, contact us.

Program Requirements

The program requires that the student is enrolled through the duration of their path toward Knight and regularly attends. You do not grow a skill unless you practice it often among peers more advanced than you. It is the true path to growth.

Pricing and Scheduling

Annual Dues: $24

There is an annual fee of $24 to be a Knight. Essentially $2 each month to hold the Knight recognition and to retain Knight Benefits. Learn more about where your dues goes to.

Advancing as a Knight requires testing and ceremonies

In order to cover the cost of creating a hand-made sash for the candidate and to arrange our immersive ceremony, each rank requires a fee to help cover the expenses:

  • Ranks Fee: $50

How do I pay for membership?

When you want to be considered a Knight, you will pay the $24 annual fee. When you are ready to test and advance into the program, you pay the testing ceremony. You may pay on our online store.

Can anyone join?

It depends. This is for anyone, male or female, aged 16 and above, who has a love for sabers, yoga, choreographies and performing. You do not need any previous experience to join. Considering that saber combat is a delicate dance; safety is of highest priority. What does matter is how you interact with the other Knights. In order to join, a candidate must:

  • Complete 6 hours of Fundamentals training
  • Auditioned and been accepted to the Advanced classes
  • Completed 5 Advanced classes
  • Agree to the Fundamental Rules of the Restraints and the Observances
  • Must be able to get along with the Knights group
  • Audition to join the program

The Audition is to test your ability to do the Foundations with ease and to demonstrate to the other Knights your commitment to their safety and support. Auditions are conducted after Advanced Class. Please check with an instructor the day you wish to audition.


As a Knight you will be expected the following:

  • Training new members of both Fundamentals & Advanced classes
  • Duties for future conventions such as SuperCon or Florida Animate
  • Regularly come to class, skipping no more than 4 classes in a row
  • Test for new rank yearly
  • Represent the group to its highest potential

What sabers can I use?

All students are provided with Ultrasabers if they do not have one of their own.  If you plan on purchasing your own saber, make sure your sabers is combat-ready safe. We recommend Ultrasabers or Vaders Vault sabers with heavy grade blades. Hasbro or official replica sabers are NOT accepted and will break when clashed with the ones used in class.  Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you guide you during your saber build and purchase.

What if I miss a class?

Regardless, whether you are a Knight, Advanced or Fundamental student, you continue paying for your classes regularly. Remember that with Class Passes you save!

What do I need to bring?

After you achieve Rank 1: Initiate, you will receive your honorary sash. You are required to wear it in class if you wish to provide instruction to others. Your sash demonstrates to others in class your rank and experience. It is important to wear it when working with others who are new to the class as they may not recognize your experience.

Things to know before you sign up!

  1. You AGREE by signing up for the SaberCraft Knights that SaberCraft is not liable and responsible for any health risk or injuries that may happen to you. You agree that you're in good physical health and condition to participate in our program.
  2. We reserve the right to reject your monthly membership based on disciplinary issues and improper attitude during our training program. This includes continuous behavior that leads to purposeful injury of other participants.
  3. You agree that we reserve the right to use your image captured on photography or videography for our marketing purposes on print and electronic media.
  4. You are required to pay the annual dues in order to retain your rank.
  5. You have reviewed and understand the disqualifications of becoming a Knight.