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Part of what makes SaberCraft so unique in South Florida is that our entire agenda is about building the Global LED saber Community in South Florida. We are NOT a studio that also does "Lightsaber" Classes. We do use LED stunt sabers and we're about all things Science Fiction, Sabers, Cons, Community Events and get-togethers focused on building our geek-driven family!

Upcoming Events

  • July 27 - 30: Florida Supercon Performance & Workshops

Past Events

  • West Palm Beach Workshops SaberCraft Advanced Class

    1 Interested in taking our Saber Classes and live in the West Palm Beach area? Good news! We have aworkshop planned coming up. The workshop will be a 3-hours intensive workshop to cover all the required Fundamentals course-load to get you started on Advanced Classes and learn our more complicated choreographies online.SaberCraft Workshop details:Fundamentals attacks and View Gallery

  • Supercon 2017

    “Demonstration on Saturday, July 29th” From Supercon 2017. Posted by Susan Parker on 7/31/2017 (16 items) The audience Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

  • C & I Studios presents Revenge of the 5th Party

    “Here are photos of our performance & appearance at C& I Studio’s Revenge of the Sith party. Big heartfelt thank you to them for the wonderful photos.” From C&I Studios Revenge of the Sith Party. Posted by SaberCraft on 5/29/2017 (72 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

  • SaberCraft perform at DRI Walk for the Cure at Marlins Park Diabetes Research Institute Event

    Performing our first live event involving live sound cues. Nothing pre-recorded! “Photos by Jonah Hex” From Diabetes Research Institute Walk 2017. Posted by SaberCraft on 3/05/2017 (103 items)                                                     Generated View Gallery

  • Hialeah Now!

    Members of the team showed up at HIALEAHNOW: Retro Future Night for a 4-min improvised throw-down on the dance floor.

  • United, we grow 501st Legion - Florida Garrison, Rebel Legion - Florida

    Are you a member of the 501st Legion or any other LED/lightsaber based activity team? We welcome you to join us and utilize our system for your team activities and outings. If you are an official active member of the following organizations, we offer you a 20% discount to our classes and programs. Please note View Gallery

  • Miami Int. Book Fair: E.K. Johnston’s Ahsoka Book Talk SaberCraft members with E.K. Johnston

    SaberCraft opened for E. K. Johnston’s “Ahsoka” Book Talk at the Miami Book Fair International. Performing to a crowd of over 150 children & teens, Magic City Knights Ahsoka, Tsundra, Inti performed a quick 3 person choreography. Thank you Miami Book Fair & E. K. Johnston for the mention. Sabercraft Knights geared up and performing View Gallery

  • Make a Wish Foundation’s – The Knighting of Jedi Brady Make a Wish Foundation

    Members of SaberCraft utilized some of the skills learned in class to partake in an event to fulfill a child’s wish to become a Jedi Knight. Below are media coverage links and photos on-location and behind the scenes that went into making this miracle. We worked as a team called the “Magic City Jedi” and View Gallery

  • Miami Marlins: SaberCraft perform at Marlins Stadium SaberCraft Knighs strike a pose for game attendees

    2016 has been an eventful year for SaberCraft, but perhaps the most notable event so far has been performing on the field at the Marlins Stadium and hosting several workshops for the game’s attendees on “Star Wars Night”. SaberCraft students participated in the Miami Marlins’ Star Wars night. The group was invited to do a View Gallery

  • Florida Supercon 2016

    From Florida Supercon Workshops 2016. Posted by Magic City Jedi on 7/10/2016 (62 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

  • Nautilus Middle School Summer Camp

    “Magic City Jedi conducting a Lightsaber Workshop at Nautilus Middle School” From Nautilus Middle School Summer Camp. Posted by Magic City Jedi on 7/24/2016 (6 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

  • Community Building & Forging the Future Knight Belts

    This weekend we had our BeltCraft Workshop Day 2 where we had a little shindig while producing our first 19 belts for “SaberCraft: First Class”. This is the result. Truly a great time. Our group is not just about combat choreography. It’s about being a part of something bigger. Error 100: Your album id doesn’t View Gallery

  • Geek Girls Brunch use the Force Lizzy and Ana!

    We partnered with Geek Girls Brunch South Florida to do a special engagement for their group on May 14, 2016. Read Melificent’s great interview about us. Photos of the Event “Empowering @[1716570565235427:274:Geek Girl Brunch South Florida]” From Geek Girls Brunch Group Session. Posted by Magic City Jedi on 6/01/2016 (30 items) Geek Girls Brunch South View Gallery

  • Star Wars Day at J. Wakefield Brewing The Team Welcomes You

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  • Chicas Poderosas: Empowering Women with Sabers Chicas Poderosas at FIU, Univision, Fusion Studios

    We teamed up with Chicas Poderosas FIU, Univision Noticias and Fusion, & Bárbara Corbellini Duarte for having us as part of a wonderful event supporting empowering women in media and technology. Learn more about this wonderful group at: From Univision Chicas Poderosas. Posted by Alfred L Smith on 4/15/2016 (56 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher View Gallery

Additional Events

Marlin's Stadium Workshop
Category: Special Events
Sept 24, 2016 See Gallery
Teaching teens and children to wield a saber
Animate! Florida Workshop
Category: Convention
Sept 17-18, 2016 See Gallery
Teaching convention-goers of all ages how to wield a saber
13724876_894809490629237_382823160027338430_o Mizucon Workshop
Category: Convention
Aug 20-21, 2016 See Gallery
Teaching con-goers how to use a lightsaber
13724876_894809490629237_382823160027338430_o Tampa Bay Comic-Con Workshop
Category: Convention
Aug 5 - 7, 2016 See Gallery
Teaching con-goers how to use a saber
Instructor Alfred Smith and Senior Knight Molly Hamby. Credit: Broward Palm Bech New Times.

Photo Credit: Broward Palm Beach New Times

Tate's Not At Comic-Con Performance
Category: Special Event
July 23, 2016 See Gallery
Demonstrating a variety of rehearsed choreographies and flourishes in a
The Team Welcomes You Star Wars Day at J. Wakefield Brewing
May 5, 2016 See Gallery
See all the photos and read about the event
All photos by: Karli Evans, Miami New Times