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How do I delete my profile and unsubscribe?

To begin the process of removing your information and unsubscribing from our website and service, begin by sending an email to info@sabercraft.org from the email address that is registered to the website.


Where does the income you make go?

SaberCraft works on a zero-sum budget meaning that every dollar we make goes to supporting SaberCraft, it’s operations, it’s promotions and most importantly, it’s rent. SaberCraft does not make enough money to support a studio so we rent spaces as our budget allows and part of that is what students pay for class.


Why do I have to pay for class if I attend but it’s free online?

SaberCraft classes are conducted indoors in order to provide a safe, well-lit environment for our staff and students. The cost of class covers the rental space primarily and all remaining funds go solely into promoting the organization.

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CM K: Staff vs Sabers

CM K: Staff vs Sabers

CM-K introduces the staff into the SaberCraft framework. In this lesson, two lumens are matched up saber versus staff. Notation below for Lumen 2 - Staff is noted with which hand is used to strike with the staff. L stands for Left. R stands for Right hand. Hand positions are up to the Lumeneer but we recommend Right-hand palm facing down and Left-hand palm facing up.


Lumen 1 - Saber 1 5 7X 1P
Lumen 2 - Staff L1P R5P Spin
Lumen 1 - Saber Duck 3P
9PX 11P 5P
Lumen 2 - Staff  L10 Ⓒ L3 R9X L11B Spin
Lumen 1 - Saber 12P 11P 4P Duck 3P 8P
Lumen 2 - Staff R12 L11 R4 J10 Ⓒ L3
Lumen 1 - Saber 4P 7 Ⓒ
Spin L-R
9 Ⓒ
 Lumen 2 - Staff L4 3 Ⓒ
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CM G & H

Choreographed Movements: CM A

PDF Version

The following is the introductory lesson to the Temporal Notation System and the basic elements of combining a series of strikes and building a Choreographed Movement also known as a CM. This is the 1st CM known as CM-A.

CM A 1 11 3 9 5 7
CM C 1 11 3 9 5 7 2C 9C 5C 12C
CM G 5 7 9 3 11 1  2C  9C 5C 12C
CM H 5 9 3 7 11

CM 13 – RtJ: Thrusts, Dynamic Movement

Person A 0 (right) S+S: Left 10 © 2 © 5X (short) 1 11 11L (push off) 9 © 3 ©
Person B S+S:11P (right)

CM 23 – KvR: Acting in Motion

Person A 0-R (left) 11P 1P turn to R,
drag saber
0 (spin L-R) 1P
saber drag
Person B 3P 11B 1B G3P Obi-Ani (F) 12B
Person A 1P
(point tip
pause 1P saber drag 1 11P
Person B G3P 1B pause 1B 1 12
Person A 4P S+S (left &
pause spin out of
lock to L
3© / 7©
Person B 0 (left) S+S
Right & back
into 1X
pause 11©
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CM-D: Dynamic Combat

Choreographed Movements: CM D

Dynamic Combat by switching between attackers

In this lesson, we cover building a dialog between 2 opponents. By switching who is the attacker, we build a simple choreography movement that allows 2 players to trade strikes rather than 1 player doing all the attacks. By incorporating sections of previous CMs, we build a dialog that switches between CM-A, CM-B and CM-C. CM-D introduces two 2 elements:

  1. Thrusts noted by a 0 (zero) in the notation.
  2. Unconventional Blocks by introducing an alternative angle to a block.
Lumen A
1 11 2P 10P 3 9 4P 8P 5 7 12 Turn
 3P6  Step-through
Turn 180
Lumen B 1P 11P 2 10 3P 9P 4 8 5P 7P Left
 0  Step-through
Turn 180

Telegraph: Reverse Flourish

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CM-C: Completes

CM-C: Completes

CM-C: Introducing Completes & Complete Across ©

A Complete is a wide arc swing that flows through uninterrupted. A Complete Across is when you commit a wide arc swing at a particular target point but move parallel to the ground. Completes and Complete Across we note with a © symbol meaning that the swing is not interrupted and moving across parallel to the ground. In this lesson, we cover 1©, 5©, 12©.

In this notation below, you will notice a parameter that has been added to a particular defense. When a number goes after P, it designates where the tip of the saber is pointing for that particular defense pose. In this CM, we commit to a 3 Parry noted 3P but we turn saber to point its tip down to the 6 0'clock position. This defensive posture looks like you are defending one side of your body but appears as if you are blocking a strike from behind. This is notated as 3P6, as it is a 3 Parry, modified with the saber to point at the 6 position (blade pointed down).

Lumen A
1 11 3 9 5 7 9 12©
Lumen B 1P 11P 3P 9P 5P 7P Crouch 9P6  Jump
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C & I Studios presents Revenge of the 5th Party

C & I Studios presents Revenge of the 5th Party

“Here are photos of our performance & appearance at C& I Studio’s Revenge of the Sith party. Big heartfelt thank you to them for the wonderful photos.”

From C&I Studios Revenge of the Sith Party. Posted by SaberCraft on 5/29/2017 (72 items)

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