501st Legion - Florida Garrison, Rebel Legion - Florida

United, we grow

Are you a member of the 501st Legion or any other LED/lightsaber based activity team? We welcome you to join us and utilize our system for your team activities and outings.

If you are an official active member of the following organizations, we offer you a 20% discount to our classes and programs. Please note that you must be an active member and not just a member of the forum.

Active Groups:

If you are a member, you qualify for a discount to our Fundamentals classes and our Knight program. To gain access, please provide us your information below and we will reach out to you with your promo-code. If you have your credentials immediately available, just show them to us when you arrive to class.



Active members are defined as members who are officially accepted and active in the organization. Forum membership does not mean that you are an active member. Member credentials and proof of membership will be required.

Active organizations are defined as groups that meet actively and have met in the past 90 days and have a frequency of a minimum of every 30 days.


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